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Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
International Summer School
Solar Astrophysics: Modern trends and techniques
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Organised by:
Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

in colaboration with
Space Science Laboratory, University of California Berkeley
Bogotá, 3 - 19 July 2012


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The Sun is our closest and most well studied celestial object. From the beginnings of human civilizations, the Sun has played a major role in their development, and in the rituals and customs that can still be perceived in the modern world. Unprecedented advances and new missions have revealed the real complexity of the Sun. New missions like SDO, SolarProbe Plus and other satellite missions (RHESSI, SOHO, TRACE, YOHKOH, etc.) provide information that may help to unveil the secrets of our star. The Observatorio Astronomico Nacional and the Universidal Nacional de Colombia organises an International Summer School in Solar Physics, with the purpose of promoting the solar research in Colombia and help in the personal development of postgraduate students and young postdocs in this area from other countries.

Aims of the School

The International Summer School is intended to provide an advanced training in the field of solar physics to last year ungraduate students who are willing to write their final work in any area of solar physics, postgraduate students, and young post-docs having already some initial work in the fields of solar physics.

Information on lectures and course activities

The school covers a wide field of solar physics, begining with introductory notions of stellar structure, radiative transfer, emission mechanisms. The school will have advanced introductions to the helioseismology, solar atmospheric structures, coronal heating, solar flares, CMEs and the interactions of solar particles and radiation with the magnetic field of the Sun. Ground and space-based observational techniques and atomic processes will also be covered.

Provide to the student an overview of the Sun as a main sequence's star and its observable phenomenology. The first week of the School will provide a general review of stelar structure, physical processes, and a introduction to IDL and SolarSoft. During the second and third week, an advaced overview of the Sun will begin, starting in the interior of the Sun and ending in the solar wind. There will be sessions providing a more detailed review of solar instrumentation and observational technique of solar interior and atmosphere processes.

There are opportunities for short presentations by the students. A final group project will be given to the student with a presentation on the last day of the school. There will be plenty of time provided for formal or informal discussions with the lecturers and senior scientists.

There will be a Conference Dinner and an Excursion. For more details on the lectures, time table and social activities see the programme pages.

Funding Support

If you want access to some form of financial aid to cover the cost of the course and/or some financial support for lodging during the school please let us know it send us an email at

Visit the the maps pages for more information about our city and some hotel we suggest you.

Venue and Accommodation

All lectures and presentations of the summer scholl will be in Observatorio Astronomico Nacional located in the campus of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, providing excellent facilities for the School. See map.

Accommodation for all accepted participants will be arranged, for the period of the entire course, at Hotels nearby the campus. The hotels are within close walking distance to amenities and close to the city centre.

Application to participate

All interested applicants have to apply through the Registration pages. For a valid registration applicants have to fill in the Application Form and arrange a Reference Letter by their supervisor.

The Reference Letter must be sent via the provided webform to the Cordinator of the School (Benjamín Calvo-Mozo) within two working days after an application is filed off. Please send in the e-mail subject the next text: Solar School Application and your last name. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity of chasing references on behalf of an application made. Applications not supplemented by a Reference Letter within two working days will be automatically discarded and removed from our data base without any further notice.

We encourage postgraduate students and PDRAs to make applications from Colombia or from anywhere in the world.

For further details on the application procedure, deadlines, etc. visit the Registration pages.



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